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Reg. 301.6361-3
Transfers to States

January 14, 2024

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Treas. Reg. § 301.6361-3.  Transfers to States

(a) Periodic transfers. In general, amounts collected by the Federal Government which are allocable to qualified taxes (including criminal fines which are required to be paid to a State, as determined under paragraph (f)(3) of § 301.6361-1) shall be promptly transferred to each State imposing such a tax. Transfers of such amounts, based on percentages of estimated Federal collections, shall be made not less frequently than every third business day unless the State agrees to accept transfers at less frequent intervals.

(b) Determination of amounts of transfers. The amounts allocable to the qualified taxes of each State for purposes of periodic transfer shall be determined as a percentage of the estimated aggregate net individual income tax collections made by the Federal Government. For purposes of this paragraph, the “aggregate net individual income tax collections” shall include amounts collected on account of the Federal individual income tax and all qualified taxes by all means (including withholding, tax returns, and declarations of estimated tax), and shall be reduced to the extent of any liability to taxpayers for credits or refunds by reason of overpayments of such taxes. The percentage of the estimated amount of such collections which is allocated to each State shall be based on an estimate which is to be made by the Office of Tax Analysis prior to the beginning of each calendar year as to what portion of the estimated aggregate net individual income tax collections for the forthcoming year will be attributable to the qualified taxes of that State. Each State will be notified prior to the beginning of each calendar year of the amount which it is estimated that the State will receive by application of that percentage for the year. However, the Office of Tax Analysis shall, from time to time throughout the calendar year, revise the percentage estimates when such a revision is, in the opinion of that office necessary to conform such estimates to the actual receipts. When such a revision is made, the payments to the State will be adjusted accordingly.

(c) Adjustment of difference between actual collections and periodic transfers. At least once annually the Secretary or his delegate shall determine the difference between the aggregate amount of the actual net collections made (taking into account credits, refunds, and amounts received by withholding with respect to which a tax return is not filed) which is attributable to each State's qualified taxes during the preceding year and the aggregate amount actually transferred to such State based on estimates during such year. The amount of such difference, as so determined, shall be a charge against, or an addition to, the amounts otherwise determined to be payable to the State.

(d) Recipient of transferred funds. All funds transferred pursuant to section 6361(c) and paragraph (a) of this section shall be transferred by the Federal Government to the State official designated by the Governor to receive such funds in the State agreement pursuant to paragraph (d)(5) of § 301.6363-1, unless the Governor notifies the Secretary or his delegate in writing of the designation of a different State official to receive the funds.

[T.D. 7577, 43 FR 59365, Dec. 20, 1978]

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