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Reg. 301.7609-1
Special procedures for third-party summonses

January 15, 2021

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Treas. Reg. § 301.7609-1.  Special procedures for third-party summonses

(a) In general - (1) Section 7609 requires the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to follow special procedures when summoning a third party's testimony, records, or computer software source code. Except as provided in § 301.7609-2(b), the IRS must provide notice of a third-party summons to any person identified in the summons, other than the person summoned. A person entitled to notice of a third-party summons may intervene in any proceeding brought to enforce the summons or may bring a proceeding to quash the summons, regardless of whether they receive notice of the summons from the IRS pursuant to section 7609(a) and § 301.7609-2.

(2) Neither section 7609 nor the regulations hereunder limit the IRS's ability to obtain information, other than by summons, through formal or informal procedures authorized by sections 7601 and 7602.

(b) Cross references. See § 301.7609-2 for rules relating to persons who must be notified of a third-party summons and exceptions to the notification requirements. See § 301.7609-3 for rules relating to the rights and duties of summoned parties. See § 301.7609-4 for rules relating to actions to quash a summons or to intervene in a summons enforcement proceeding. See § 301.7609-5 for rules relating to the suspension of periods of limitations.

(c) Records. For purposes of 301.7609-1 through 301.7609-5, the term records includes books, papers, or other data.

(d) Effective/applicability date. This section is applicable on April 30, 2008.

[T.D. 9395, 73 FR 23345, Apr. 30, 2008]

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