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Reg. 513.11
Refund of income tax withheld during 1951

January 15, 2021

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Treas. Reg. § 513.11.  Refund of income tax withheld during 1951

(a) If United States tax withheld at the source during the year 1951 from dividends, interest, royalties, natural resource royalties, real property rentals, pensions, or life annuities is in excess of the tax imposed by Chapter 1 (relating to the income tax) of the Internal Revenue Code, as modified by the convention, claim by the taxpayer for the refund of any overpayment shall be made under section 322 of the Internal Revenue Code by filing Form 843 together with Form 1040NB, Form 1040NB-a, Form 1040B, or Form 1120NB, whichever is applicable, or with an amended return.

(b) The taxpayer's total gross income from sources within the United States, including every item of capital gain subject to tax under the provisions of section 211(a)(1)(B) or 211(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, shall be disclosed on the return. In the event that securities are held in the name of a person other than the actual or beneficial owner, the name and address of such person must be furnished with the claim. There shall also be included in such claim for refund a statement:

(1) That the taxpayer was, at the time when the item or items of income were derived, (i) a nonresident alien (including a nonresident alien individual, fiduciary, or partnership) who at such time was resident in Ireland for the purposes of Irish tax, or (ii) a foreign corporation whose business at such time was managed and controlled in Ireland.

(2) That the taxpayer at no time during the taxable year in which the income was derived had a permanent establishment in the United States.

(3) That the taxpayer is subject to Irish tax on the item or items of income for which the benefit of the convention is claimed.

(c) If, however, the taxpayer is an individual who during the taxable year derived from sources within the United States income which consists exclusively of pensions or life annuities entitled to the benefit of Article XII of the convention, the statements specified in paragraph (b) (2) and (3) of this section will not be required.

(d) As to additional information required in the case of a foreign corporation claiming the benefit of the 5 percent rate on dividends, or in certain doubtful cases the benefit of the exemption with respect to interest, paid by a domestic corporation, see § 513.2(b) or § 513.3(c).


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